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+Stricklyskillzbarbarshop What's the name of the red pencil that you're using in this video.

Antonio Mr.MWD Foreman

Glad to have you back bruh. I learn a lot from your videos. I'm self taught by way of DE-me. You and many other barbers I watch are my teachers until I'm able to get enrolled into barber school. I'm definitely going to invest in your DVD. Where can I get those modified clippers from and what wireless trimmers are you using

kimisho soup

Antonio Mr.MWD Foreman hes using the ( icutpro ). 100 on icutpro.com for the design nd line up. nd for the fade its (whal magic clip) cordless . amazon.com.

Alex James

I'm not trying to sound like I'm criticizing but if you were to draw up a guideline onto where you're gonna line up at then why not use a white out pencil rather than a red one? I enjoy watching your haircuts, man. I just uploaded my first ever haircut video. Peace!


thanks for the tips UP MY GAME 👊👊👊👊

kimisho soup

love your cuts . Skillz does your how to fade video explain the gaurds and levels. I just started barber school anything helps. Dont have my clippers yet nd im just beggining.

Paul Manda
EB Williams

Flame! that boy clean!


Imma b ther coming from Louisiana hope to get to meet u bro TOTAL LOOK BARBERSHOP

The KnightWalker

Dude Whats the point of the video if your hand blocking the view 3/4 of the video??

Jeffery J. Herrera
Mr. Rodney Moore

Man that damn Thang is butter. Fresh as usual.

Mr. Rodney Moore

Man that damn Thang is butter. Fresh as usual

Captains Cuts

Man I just mentioned on Chris bossio live stream that I haven't seen you in a while,and bossio showed you nuthin but love and was saying that you're a dope barber.send him some barber love at barbercon. I'm glad you're back man ,I love all your videos. and I love to learn,so thank you for all you give.

Strickly Skillz Barbershop

Captains Cuts for sure imma be on stage getting busy and moving around

Koogi Koog

i need to knw how to book appt with you im comin for West V so if you can tell me tht would be a plus i gotta 100 for one those sneed cuts my dude

Strickly Skillz Barbershop

Koogi Koog link in the description box StyleSeat link

Oj Stoical
NaSean Ferguson

love the videos I'm an up incoming barber at barber school now and I watch ya videos trying to learn as much as possible my school kinda ghetto so before I get my 150 hours I'm just doing book work so your videos teaching more than school right now keep them coming bru.

Strickly Skillz Barbershop

NaSean Ferguson that's wassup get that DVD for the marketing plan build clientele fast

The cut is fire but his mom is type bad

Da Avant Miranda

tight work on that cut bro. and that theme song :D

Deb Sutton

Miss seeing your videos where have you been

Mike Reynolds
Shawn Scott

Where u been bro,u haven't been posting videos

Elite Mentality

ayyyyyye. I'm glad you're back. please do more cuts and explain when you're using clipper over comb like why and how or if you want to use guards because you're not comfortable tell us which ones to use. you're cuts come out flawless but it's hard to follow clipper over comb from the video so tell us what clips we can use to achieve the same results please. and keep the videos coming

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